Tyler Benton, of Warrenton, MO. Previously of Wewoka OK. We’ve been friends for several years. We talk and send pics and videos, but we live several hours apart. I told him recently that I couldn’t do that anymore bc I really cared about him, and knowing we couldn’t be together and I couldn’t handle the fact that he was probably doing the same thing wth other women. He said he wasn’t. I found out today, not only was he doing the same thing w other women, but he had found my ex husbands estranged second wife, and was doing it at the same time he was doing it with me. She was planning to o visit him, and he was asking me to come visit and saying he would come see me at the same time. He knows what I’ve been thru, we’ve supposedly been friends thru it all…but it’s not just me he’s asking for pics and videos while he’s on duty as a police officer in his squad car… beware this one. Hes as cruel as they come.

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