On July 28, 2016 This shipment was given to UPS on July 28 between 4 and 6pm. There is no reason that UPS can’t make an investigation as to what happened. If they can’t produce the inventory which was taken from me, I would like to be compensated for the loss between 4 and 6pm I dropped off five boxes at the UPS center to be shipped to an Amazon fulfillment center in Union City, Georgia. After I dropped it off I noticed that on my Amazon account, the shipment had been updated but the tracking numbers on my packages weren’t working. Concerned, I called Amazon who told me to contact UPS by phone. I contacted UPS with my shipment information and I was told that they have record of it going to Union City, Georgia despite the tracking information not working. A couple of days later I got an email from Amazon saying that one of the five boxes had been shipped to Union City, Georgia. I contacted UPS again but was told that being that they don’t recognize the tracking numbers on the shipment, as far as they’re concerned they never received the shipment. I asked them if they never received the shipment, how did UPS end up shipping it to Georgia where it was subsequently sold? UPS responded that that was Amazon’s issue, not theirs. I contacted Amazon again and with Amazon customer service, we basically figured out that from this shipment, one of the items was shipped but the rest were probably stolen by UPS employees, and this was the only explanation for Amazon receiving the one UPS package despite the fact that UPS claims that they never recived this package. Upon hearing this, Amazon advised my to make this complaint against UPS. I have the original shipment id and tracking numbers from Amazon/UPS as well as emails and order information about the ‘missing’ item that was shipped. Thank you for your concern towards this matter

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