This yong lady, who calls herself Vera, very cute gal. I went to for massage services,in the greater STL, Missouri area. She advertises for relaxing, yet friendly massage. Trust me-it is by far, mediocre.Her personality is not only rude, cold and unaffected, but her overall massage services and technique, leave a lot “to be desired” She looks to be in her early 20s, maybe Korean, and she seems to hate her job, henceforth. Fellas and fellow gals, if I were you, I would keep searching for a good massage therapist, who likes, and knows what they are doing. My massage experience with this particular girl, was very rushed, to say the least, and the next client was waiting right after me, during my session. The experience left me feeling unsatisfied, as well as feeling scammed, and “ripped off.”

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