I ordered wireless service with VoiceStream Wireless over 2 months ago. I asked for a phone number with a 214 area code and was told that it would be no problem. The phone was paid for by credit card. When I received the phone two days later, there was no phone number included on the invoice. I called customer care to find out my new number and was asked by the customer service agent why I didn’t call someone with caller-id to find out my wireless number. After sighing very loudly, the young lady then gave me my new phone number. To my surprise, it had the wrong area code. When I told her that I had requested another area code she told me that they didn’t have any available numbers with my area code and that I should just accept the new number. She was very rude so I asked to speak with another customer service agent. She said that they were going to tell me the same thing, but finally transferred me to someone else. The next gentleman was very helpful and apologized that I had not been informed that there were no numbers available in my area code. I finally decided, also due to very limited coverage area, to cancel my account. He again apologized and asked me to try back in a few weeks to see if any numbers were available. Since there was a 72-hour grace period, I was told that there would be no account charges and that I could return the phone for a full refund. I did just that the next day and a few days later received a credit on my credit card reflecting the return. I thought that this was the end of it. The following month, I received a bill from VoiceStream for $15.12 for a partial month’s service. I called VoiceStream immediately and after getting transferred to about 5 people, I finally found a supervisor that told me that the bill would be taken care of and that I didn’t have to worry about it. A couple of weeks later, there was a charge on my credit card for the $15.12 and when I called VoiceStream and finally reached someone in customer care (you have to have an active account in order to speak with a customer care agent, otherwise you get transferred to the Sales department where they cannot pull up your billing information), I was told that I would have to wait 2 months for a refund check to be mailed. The customer care agent’s name was Ruby and she was very rude and refused to transfer me to a supervisor when I asked her to. She said that there were no supervisors working that day. Yeah, right. I had resigned myself to waiting the two months for the refund check, but today I received another bill from VoiceStream. This time they say I now have a credit of $15.12 and that it is “due” immediately. I have been trying for over three hours to reach their “customer care” department, but I either get a busy signal or I get disconnected after the first ring. Of the dozen or so people I have spoken to at VoiceStream Wireless, only one (1) person was helpful or even friendly for that matter. I just wish I could remember his name. It is a shame that less than 10% of the customer service people in the world are actually customer service oriented. I have tried contacting VoiceStream Wireless through their customer care department via their website, but have not received an answer, even after 3 e-mail attempts and waiting over a month. I wasn’t even upset with VoiceStream initially and was willing to try their service again in the future once their coverage area had been expanded or a different phone number had become available, but now there is no way. Their Customer Care department is way to inept for me to even consider doing this. All I want is my $15.12 that should have never been charged to my credit card in the first place.

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