I own a 1992 Volvo 960 station wagon. Two weeks ago, I picked the car up from Centennial Imports (local Volvo dealership) and am VERY upset and deeply concerned about the following: the rear crankshaft seal was replaced at 42,174 miles while the car was still under warranty. Again, on 10/30/1998, the rear crankshaft seal was replaced at 104,418 miles costing $420.66. Now, for the THIRD time, on 09/25/2000, the rear crankshaft seal has been replaced at 148,914 miles costing $660.96! On all occasions, the rear main seal was replaced by Volvo dealerships with genuine Volvo parts. (10 days after picking up the car from the last rear main seal replacement and 150,000 mile service), the car backfired, failed to run, left my wife and child stranded. Centennial Imports informed me the Mass Airflow Sensor required replacement at a cost of approximately $455.00. The Mass Airflow Sensor was last replaced on 03/05/1998 at 86,162 miles costing $395.14. Again, on both occasions, the service was performed by a Volvo dealership with genuine Volvo parts. the rear brake pads and rotor were replaced at 62,749 miles costing $260.22.the front brake pads and rotors were replaced at approximately 80,000 miles costing $242.00. On, the front brake pads were replaced at 110,350 miles costing $54.80 (I replaced them myself). On 06/16/1999, the rear brake pads and brake caliper were replaced costing $138.67 (I replaced them myself). the front brake pads and rotors were replaced at 147,258 miles by Midas costing $372.23. I’d like to note that Midas has a LIFETIME guarantee on their brake pads. the air conditioner compressor was replaced costing $408.25 in parts alone. Again, this replacement was genuine Volvo parts. The latter part of this summer, the air conditioner compressor stopped working and, thus, requires replacing…AGAIN. I have yet to replace the air conditioner compressor because I’m BROKE from replacing the rear main seal, brakes, and Mass Airflow Sensor along with other repairs to this car not mentioned above. Would you not agree that many customers purchase Volvos because of their safety and RELIABILITY? Providing you agree, the aforementioned reliability issues are RIDICULOUS! These are not the only problems that I have encountered, they are just those that seem to reoccur most often. It appears that your parts have a lifetime of approximately 2 years. The total cost of the above repairs is $3407.93. It is extremely fair to ask that Volvo reimburse me for 1/2 of the above costs. Upon request, I will copy you invoices for all of the above parts and services. I look forward to hearing your response as to how you will resolve this situation by October. Technical Service Bulletin (#DCS 2105) in October of 1995. To summarize this TSB, a cover plate had been introduced into production to help prevent the ingress of water/dirt onto the rear crankshaft seal &/or starter. Please note that the first time the rear crankshaft seal was replaced on my car, was 4 months after Volvo issued this TSB. The first TWO times this seal was replaced (2/96 & 10/98) NO COVER PLATE WAS INSTALLED. Certainly this has quite a bit to do with the failure of these seals, otherwise you would not have issued this service bulletin. I do have copies of the invoices from these two services if you are interested in seeing them. I expect a refund for the poor service performed by your dealerships. I look forward to your response by November

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