I couldn’t make this **** up if i tried!!!!!!!!!!!!!LMAO I walk into the Great Franklin, Ohio Walmart (Warren County) to buy some groceries at 9 p.m on a friday night and a guy is apparently high on Meth? Heroin? whatever and is riding a child’s horse thru the store by the registers making noises like a horse (Neihhhhhh). He looks at me thru blood shot eyes and says ****’N A. So anyways I get my groceries and go to the only cashier out of 30 lines LOL and I already know it’s gonna be a loooong wait. So there is a younger couple in front of me and some people in front of them. Then out of nowhere there emits the nastiest *** smelling fart i ever smelled and the young girl in front of me screams “who **** there pants ****!” Everyone cleared out of the line and all I could do was think “Well I’m the idiot that chose walmart”

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