I ordered some Harry Potter items for my son for Christmas from WBstore.com. When I went on the web to order they had almost NONE of the merchandise in their catalog! After two weeks went by I finally recieved a letter saying one of the items (a Christmas ornament) was discontinued. Who discontinues a Christmas ornament right before Christmas. Then around the last week in November I recieved one of the three remaining items. It was fine. Right before it arrived I called them to see if it was coming and they said the other items were “being processed” and would be shipped that day. By the second week of December I was getting pretty irate that the items hadn’t arrived. Particularly now that so much Harry Potter merchandise is available in stores. I tried to cancel the order and they said they couldn’t for one because it had been shipped by Fedex but couldn’t give me a tracking number. It arrived via RPS but also had a UPS tag that had been marked through. The customer “service” rep said she would cancel the other item. Right. When the mug that had taken FIVE WEEKS to get here finally arrived, it was the wrong one!! When I called to complain, the rep this time said they couldn’t cancel the last item (a four dollar notebook!) because they had already printed a pick list. The pick list for the coffee mug had been printed on Nov. 17 and wasn’t shipped for 3 weeks. The said they had too many pick lists to go through to pull mine out so they would ship it and charge me for it and I would have send it back. The first girl said I could refuse delivery, but delivery people don’t even knock on your door this time of year. Twice I was told it was the Christmas season so they were busy. It wasn’t the Christmas season when I ordered everything 6 weeks ago! One rep said they still had orders backed up from before Halloween! The rep then put on hold for a manager and I hung up after 5 minutes because I had already waited 20 minutes to talk to the rep who was no help at all. I do a lot of shopping on the web with small companies and large and this is so far and away the worst service I ever received by any company.

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