This man dates multiple women at a time. He’s on several dating sites and has been for years and basically uses women for his sexual pleasure. He pretends as if he wants a relationship with you but is with a different woman almost daily. He uses the guise of massages to get your clothing off. He’s a narcissistic man who only thinks about himself. He even keeps a photo of himself on his phone as his wallpaper background so he can see himself every time he looks at his phone! Who does that? He’s always checking himself in mirror when can. He collects women and always keeps them thinking they’re the only one, my advice to you is stay away from this narcissistic serial dater, he’s going to use you and break your heat! I know, he suckered me in thinking I was the only one until I caught on to him! Women seriously beware of this guy he’s only out for himself! He’s also a sadistic know it all who thinks he’s the expert on relationships, what joke, he can’t even maintain a relationship with one woman. Very shallow emotionally, always keeps his feelings vague so he doesn’t get close to you, but likes extracting as much personal information out of you so he always has the upper hand on you.

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