but hey I’m posting it EVERYWHERE! (there is just more than a craigslist site….FYI) First let me just say I have dated a few people in the entirety of my life span. (4 so called men) but let me tell you this…. you are thee most pathetic pile of snot I have ever encountered! You spin a great story of how you are “important” at your job, you are a CEO of a Company, (LIE # 1) you were merely nothing but an office worker, You said you would provide for me and my child. (LIE # 2) First of all, I do not need a man to provide for me and my son, I have a GREAT job, (make more than you) and I did pretty good at providing for my son and myself, with NO HELP. You said you were a “Reborn Christian” not really sure where this fits in at, but it is what you told me, not really sure if it was truth or another LIE you spun, You told me you were a CLEAN AND SOBER man for the past 2 years… (LIE # 3) You hit that bottle daily, nightly, you just couldn’t stop sucking that bottle of Spice Rum, You stole money from me, to buy that ****, you scraped up every penny you could find for that bottle, $2.29 before tax.. LOL you couldn’t stay sober to save your life, I have cleaned up vomit from you as I watched you sleep, I watched you **** yourself number of time, I have watched you pass out on the toilet a number of times, I have drug your *** to DETOX a HANDFULL of times only to watch you fall back to where you are now, It’s a shame that you are in denial of all this, BUT what makes you so ****** UP is this…. You told me to **** you In the *** with a big *****, (WHAT?) You DEMANDED that I give you a *******, and you finish in my mouth and I “spit it” into your mouth (ARE YOU ******* SERIOUS?) As I looked at you with shock on my face I said No I will not do these things to you, it is nasty! You got mad at me and stormed out the door, REWIND for a second….. I am a little confused here, because when we got together, you said that you hated my “gay” friends, You were repulsed and disgusted that I even had “gay” friends… But here you are asking me to **** you in the ******* with the biggest ***** you could ever find in the adult store…. So did this make you Gay, or Bi? I was actually disgusted by this absurd sexual request, that I just pretended to be “tired” to even want to be intimate with you… Now that you are gone, and you have stolen more than $4000.00 from me.. (this I can prove) I am just going to throw you out on blast, YOU LOST YOUR JOB, YOU STOLE MONEY FROM A HARD WORKING SINGLE MOTHER, and you only care about yourself, Now you are in APPLETON, doing the same **** thing to another woman, But yet you are a good reborn again Christian man taking advantage of the women out there, because you are 33 years old and live with your parents, and tell them and your ex wife you are on vacation from your job… *****! R.J.D., you are truly a pile of **** in my eyes, and I hope Karma gets back with you! Ladies, this pile of puss goes to Xpierance Fitness in Appleton,Probably drunk while “working out” and forcing himself onto women… He is a smooth talker and a Con artist…. fake tears, nothing but LIES!

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