I used to be married (i was drunk) to the boy. I lived with him and his parents in henderson. He is a hevy pothead and works as a cashier at wendys. He spends all of his money on weed and would even make me give him my checks too. He doesnt have a car and works 15 hours at the wendys down the street from hims house. I dont know why his parents put up with his annoying lazy pothead self. The few years i was with him i was miserable. I started drinking lot and hated myself for that. A couple years ago we found an apartment to move into. Mostly me payig for it. As well as my friend who was gonna be our roomie. However once all my stuff was moved he threw a fit and we got in a huge fight resulting in a divorce. He apparently couldnt handle movig awy from his mommy and daddy. Fast forward to now. I have been happily engaged to my soulmate with a beautiful girl and boy otw. For years now. Havemt talked to ex in years. Now all of a sudden he is prank calling me and i found out he had hacked my social networking sites and found out i have kids and im engged and he deleted all mypictures wrote that i was a hooker. A bunch of bs. No i just found out he made a 40 min video containing *** knows what cuz i cant open the link nor find it on youtube. He is harrassing me all over the internet and i dont know how to get revenge cuz im sure he will do something worse in response. Ive lost friends who are believing his ****. Help me. And stay away.

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